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List view record 1: Cold fireList view anchor tag for record 1: Cold fire
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Cold fire

Hilton, Matt, 1966-2023Grey and Villere ; 10
"Hunted and reviled, ex-nanny Joanne Mason turns to her sister, Detective Karen Ratcliffe. Torn between duty and family, Ratcliffe asks Tess Grey and her partner Nicolas 'Po' Villere to bring Joanne in safely. A winter cyclone forces Joanne into hiding on the Canadian border - but she can't stay ...
List view record 2: The countess of the revolutionList view anchor tag for record 2: The countess of the revolution
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The countess of the revolution

Kortchik, Lana2022
Countess Sophia Orlova has it all. With a large fortune, a beautiful palatial home in Petrograd and a husband who loves her, her future is bright. But in March 1917, everything changes, as Sophia watches the revolutionary hordes take over her city and her home. When the revolutionaries threaten t...
List view record 3: Dark angelList view anchor tag for record 3: Dark angel
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Dark angel

Sandford, John, 1944 February 23-2023Letty Davenport ; 2
Letty Davenport's days working a desk job at are behind her. Her previous actions at a gunfight in Texas--and her incredible skills with firearms--draw the attention of several branches of the US government, and make her a perfect fit for even more dangerous work. The Department of Homeland Secur...
List view record 4: Death of a booksellerList view anchor tag for record 4: Death of a bookseller
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Death of a bookseller

Slater, Alice2023
Roach - bookseller, loner and true crime obsessive - is not interested in making friends. She has all the company she needs in her serial killer books, murder podcasts and her pet snail, Bleep. That is, until Laura joins the bookshop. Smelling of roses, with her cute literary tote bags and beauti...
List view record 5: Dirty laundryList view anchor tag for record 5: Dirty laundry
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Dirty laundry

Bose, Disha2023
A deliciously scandalous pageturner about the dark side of suburbia, peeling back the layers of an insta-perfect life to reveal rotten friendships, manipulation masquerading as love and families riddled with lies… Keep your friends close and your neighbours closer... Ciara has it all - a loving h...
List view record 6: Don't open the doorList view anchor tag for record 6: Don't open the door
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Don't open the door

Brennan, Allison2023Regan Merritt ; 2
"US Marshal Regan Merritt never bought the FBI's theory that her ten-year-old son's murder was tied to her job. Yet as leads went cold, she'd had to walk away from the marshals, the case and her now ex-husband, Grant, who blamed her for Chase's death. After Regan receives a chilling voice mail fr...
List view record 7: The fanciesList view anchor tag for record 7: The fancies
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The fancies

Lock, Kim2023
Port Kingerton: the insular cray-fishing town at the butt-end of South Australia, where everyone knows everyone. And everyone knows too that when Abigail Fancy left town at seventeen, she hung out the window of her boyfriend's Corolla, middle fingers held high, swearing she'd never come back. And...
List view record 8: Fear and lovelyList view anchor tag for record 8: Fear and lovely
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Fear and lovely

Appachana, Anjana2023
"Mallika is a painfully shy young woman growing up in the heart of a close-knit, sometimes stifling New Delhi colony. Though she is surrounded by love, her life is complicated by secrets that she, her mother and her aunt work hard to keep. After suffering a trauma aged nineteen, Mallika loses thr...
List view record 9: Home before nightList view anchor tag for record 9: Home before night
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Home before night

Pomare, J. P.2023
As the third wave of the virus hits, all inhabitants of Melbourne are given until 8 pm to get to their homes. Wherever they are when the curfew begins, they must live for four weeks and stay within five kilometres of. When Lou's son, Samuel, doesn't arrive home by nightfall, she begins to panic. ...
List view record 10: House of hungerList view anchor tag for record 10: House of hunger
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House of hunger

Henderson, Alexis2022Bethel ; 2
A young woman is drawn into the upper echelons of a society where blood is power, in this dark and enthralling gothic novel from the author of The Year of the Witching. Marion Shaw has been raised in the slums, where want and deprivation is all she knows. Despite longing to leave the city and its...
List view record 11: In a thousand different waysList view anchor tag for record 11: In a thousand different ways
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In a thousand different ways

Ahern, Cecelia, 1981-2023
Finding your way is never a simple journey... Empathetic and highly sensitive, Alice reads other people's moods in a heartbeat - she sees both the worst and the best in everyone without them having to say a word. But growing up, Alice's gift marks her out as disruptive, an oddity. At their home i...
List view record 12: Life after TedList view anchor tag for record 12: Life after Ted
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Life after Ted

Feneley, Rick, 1962-2023
Ted McCall is a legend among Bondi lifesavers. When he is killed in a surfing accident, his death exposes long-held family secrets and sets in motion a series of revelations and betrayals. Only one thing is certain: Ted's death is a defining moment for his loved ones. But will it make his family ...
List view record 13: The magpie's sisterList view anchor tag for record 13: The magpie's sister
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The magpie's sister

Turner, Kerri2023
1911: Sydney, Australia. From the moment the tumours appeared on her face, Maggie Bright knew she would never live a normal life. Abandoned by her mother and then given away by her father, she spent her childhood learning to become the 'Lagoon Creature': part acrobat, part clown, part circus hand...
List view record 14: A man and his prideList view anchor tag for record 14: A man and his pride
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A man and his pride

Rutledge, Luke2023Clive
Despite coming out years ago, twenty-six-year-old Sean Preston has never been one to shout his sexuality from the rooftops. When his relationship of three months comes to a humiliating end, he vows never to become emotionally attached again, falling into a cycle of hook-ups, booze and an unrelent...
List view record 15: Not the ones deadList view anchor tag for record 15: Not the ones dead
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Not the ones dead

Stabenow, Dana2023Kate Shugak ; 23
What seems a tragic accident soon becomes a murder investigation as Kate is drawn into a case of political intrigue. A mid-air collision in the Alaskan wilderness between two small aircraft leaves ten people dead. Was it a bird strike, pilot error... or premeditated murder? Then an eleventh body ...
List view record 16: One more dayList view anchor tag for record 16: One more day
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One more day

Heatherington, Emma2022
Annie Madden and her husband Peter seemed to have the perfect life. They had two beautiful children, a wonderful home and each other. That was before everything changed. Now Annie must face a different life, after a devastating event casts a shadow over her family, and their future. When she is o...
List view record 17: The other guestList view anchor tag for record 17: The other guest
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The other guest

Perks, Heidi, 1973-2022
Laila and her husband, James, arrive for a week's holiday in The Maldives, much in need of a fresh start. While James spends his time exploring the island, Laila relaxes by the pool and finds herself inexplicably drawn to the seemingly perfect family who arrived on the same flight as them. Emilia...
List view record 18: Paradise ValleyList view anchor tag for record 18: Paradise Valley
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Paradise Valley

Scoullar, Jennifer2023
Ambitious country reporter, Del Fisher, seems to have it all. She's just landed her dream job, along with an engagement to Nick, Winga's most eligible bachelor and son of local mayor and mining tycoon, Carson Shaw. But Del is blindsided when a feature article and its shocking allegations about th...
List view record 19: PraiseworthyList view anchor tag for record 19: Praiseworthy
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Wright, Alexis, 1950-2023
Praiseworthy is an epic set in the north of Australia, told with the richness of language and scale of imagery for which Alexis Wright has become renowned. In a small town dominated by a haze cloud, which heralds both an ecological catastrophe and a gathering of the ancestors, a crazed visionary ...
List view record 20: Pure evilList view anchor tag for record 20: Pure evil
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Pure evil

La Plante, Lynda2023Detective Jack Warr ; 4
It was supposed to be a simple case: a young man arrested for armed assault. But it was just the beginning. As Rodney Middleton awaits trial, Detective Jack Warr is warned by his mentor, DCI Ridley, that they have only scratched the surface of the man's crimes. Then DCI Ridley is suddenly removed...
List view record 3: Dark angel

Dark angel

Sandford, John, 1944 Februa...2023Letty Davenport ; 2
List view record 20: Pure evil

Pure evil

La Plante, Lynda2023Detective Jack Warr ; 4
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