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List view record 1: Audrey's gone AWOLList view anchor tag for record 1: Audrey's gone AWOL
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Audrey's gone AWOL

De Monchaux, Annie2024
Audrey Lamont has happily devoted herself to family life for the best part of 40 years, but lately she's become aware that she lost herself somewhere between 'I do' and the weekly shop. Worse, her academic husband Simon has found time for romance - just not with Audrey. Feeling invisible to every...
List view record 2: The callList view anchor tag for record 2: The call
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The call

Strawhan, Gavin2024
After surviving a brutal attack, Auckland cop DS Honey Chalmers has returned to her hometown to care for her mother. The remote coastal settlement of He Kino holds complicated memories for Honey, not least the tragic suicide of her younger sister, Scarlett. And Honey's relationship with her formi...
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List view record 3: The clinicList view anchor tag for record 3: The clinic
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The clinic

Quinn, Cate2024
The world's most exclusive rehab clinic offers treatment to the rich and famous. Meg's sister Haley was one of them - a troubled country singer running from a terrible addiction. Between the luxury spa, the ayurvedic yoga and the world-class therapy, the clinic is a perfect place to heal and brus...
List view record 4: Dead sweetList view anchor tag for record 4: Dead sweet
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Dead sweet

Katrín Júlíusdóttir, 1974-2024
When Óttar Karlsson, a wealthy and respected government official and businessman, is found murdered, after failing to turn up at his own surprise birthday party, the police are at a loss. It isn't until young police officer Sigurdís finds a well-hidden safe in his impersonal luxury apartment that...
List view record 5: Death of a painterList view anchor tag for record 5: Death of a painter
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Death of a painter

Ross, Matthew2024Poynter and Perry ; 1
When builder Mark Poynter discovers a murder on his worksite all of his financial problems suddenly seem a lot closer to home: was this a warning his debts are overdue? Suspected of being the killer and worried at being the intended victim, the murder only makes Mark's money problems worse, leadi...
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List view record 6: The dream homeList view anchor tag for record 6: The dream home
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The dream home

Logan, T. M.2024
Adam and Jess move into a new house with their three young children – a rambling Victorian villa right at the very top of their price range. Before long Adam discovers a door hidden behind a fitted wardrobe, concealing a secret room. Inside Adam discovers an array of forgotten items, among them a...
List view record 7: The favouriteList view anchor tag for record 7: The favourite
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The favourite

Hennigan, Rosemary2024
Jessica Mooney seems like any other student at her university. She's talented, driven, and looks set to be this year's 'favourite' in charismatic Professor Crane's Law and Literature class. But unlike the other students competing for his good opinion, Jessica isn't what she seems. She's carrying ...
List view record 8: The fourth ruleList view anchor tag for record 8: The fourth rule
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The fourth rule

Lindsay, Jeffry P.2024Riley Wolfe ; 4
Impossible doesn't belong in Riley Wolfe's vocabulary. He's a master of heists and disguises, whose life's work is swindling the rich out of their undeserved treasures. Now rumours surrounding a dangerous new figure of international crime are spreading through the underworld. And this ruthless co...
List view record 9: The housekeepersList view anchor tag for record 9: The housekeepers
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The housekeepers

Hay, Alex2024
Upstairs, Madam is planning the party of the season. Downstairs, the servants are plotting the heist of the century. London, 1905. When Mrs King, housekeeper to the most illustrious home in Mayfair, is suddenly dismissed after years of loyal service, she knows just who to recruit to help her take...
List view record 10: If I should lose youList view anchor tag for record 10: If I should lose you
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If I should lose you

Lester, Natasha, 1973-2024
Camille is a nurse specialising in supporting families through the difficult decision to donate the organs of their dying loved ones. Camille's mother is a gifted but uncompromising transplant surgeon determined to make it in a man's world until her own life falls apart. And Camille herself is a ...
List view record 11: InheritanceList view anchor tag for record 11: Inheritance
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Roberts, Nora2024The lost bride trilogy ; 1.
1806. Astrid Poole sits in her bridal clothes, overwhelmed with happiness. But before her marriage can be consummated, she is murdered, and the circle of gold torn from her finger. Her last words are a promise to Collin never to leave him. Today. After finding her fiancé in a compromising positi...
List view record 12: The journeyList view anchor tag for record 12: The journey
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The journey

Norbury, James2024
Join Big Panda and Tiny Dragon as they set off on an extraordinary adventure in this companion to the global bestselling phenomenon Big Panda and Tiny Dragon. Although content in their temple high up in the mountains, Tiny Dragon realises that something feels incomplete. So it is that they decide...
List view record 13: The Kellerby codeList view anchor tag for record 13: The Kellerby code
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The Kellerby code

Sweet, Jonny2024
Edward is living in a world he can't afford and to which he doesn't belong. To camouflage himself, he has catered to his friends' needs - fetching drycleaning, sorting flowers for premieres. It's a noble effort, really - anything to keep his best pals Robert and Stanza happy. In return, his proxi...
List view record 14: Kemp : passage at armsList view anchor tag for record 14: Kemp : passage at arms
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Kemp : passage at arms

Hall, Daniel2024Arrows of Albion ; 2
It is 1347 and the French, after a crushing defeat at Crécy, are licking their wounds while their king raises a new army. Locked into a fruitless siege, the English are camped in the marshes around Calais. Among them is foot soldier and archer Martin Kemp, whose dreams of serving his king and rel...
List view record 15: Last ordersList view anchor tag for record 15: Last orders
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Last orders

Butler, S. J.2024
London in the early 90s is a hotbed of political activism and intrigue, prey and predator, and times are changing fast - too fast for DCI Rick Bailey, who is starting to think he cannot keep up. But then a young woman goes missing in the run-up to Christmas, and he's convinced Alice's disappearan...
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List view record 16: The last requestList view anchor tag for record 16: The last request
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The last request

Barrows, Brandon, 1981-2024
Summoned by letter, Holly Shaw and five of her cousins - virtual strangers to each other - have gathered at a grand house in the rugged wilds of Alaska. Equally unfamiliar to Holly is her great-aunt Lydia, who has called the family together with the promise of a massive inheritance. Her condition...
List view record 17: Mothering heightsList view anchor tag for record 17: Mothering heights
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Mothering heights

Mogan-McIntosh, Rachael2024
Following the year Rachael Mogan-McIntosh gave birth to her third child and shapeshifted from wild to mild, Mothering Heights is an hilarious, moving celebration of early parenthood - written by a survivor. As Rachael navigates her way through the confusing rules of modern-day motherhood and grap...
List view record 18: The night hawksList view anchor tag for record 18: The night hawks
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The night hawks

Griffiths, Elly2024Ruth Galloway ; 13
The Night Hawks, a group of metal detectorists, are searching for buried treasure when they find a body on the beach in North Norfolk. At first, Nelson thinks that the dead man might be an asylum seeker, but he turns out to be a local boy, Jem Taylor, recently released from prison. Ruth is more i...
List view record 19: One week in winterList view anchor tag for record 19: One week in winter
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One week in winter

Norton, Sheila2024
Julia and Lauren are sisters, but definitely not best friends. They rarely even speak to each other. But when Lauren's fortieth birthday is ruined by her latest boyfriend dumping her, Julia feels a sudden and unexpected burst of sympathy, and offers to go with her on the special holiday he'd paid...
List view record 20: Pheasant's nestList view anchor tag for record 20: Pheasant's nest
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Pheasant's nest

Milligan, Louise2024
Kate Delaney has made the biggest mistake of her life. On a girls' night out, she picked the wrong sleazy guy to publicly humiliate in a bar and now she is living every woman's worst nightmare. She finds herself brutalised, bound and gagged in the back of a car being driven god knows where by a m...
List view record 11: Inheritance


Roberts, Nora2024The lost bride trilogy ; 1.
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