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House and Building Histories

Goulburn has such a rich and diverse architectural history, from workmen's cottages, to houses designed by well-known architects, to hotels, cathedrals, and government buildings.

Your house is part of the history of Goulburn. There are resources that will help you find information such as original owners, property values and historic photos.

Places to look include the map collection, rate books, vertical files, electoral rolls and census information, even cemetery records.

There is also an increasing collection of digitised material available online via the catalogue.

Finding the History of Your House

Do you live in a house that's had previous owners? Have you ever wondered when your house was built? Maybe there are stories behind the building you work in? Are you interested in restoring your home to its former glory?

Download our info guide on finding the history of your house.

Building Permits 1910-1950

Gathered from Goulburn Council Meeting Minutes and compiled by E. T. Cross.

These lists are for new buildings constructed during these years. Permits for addition and alterations have not been listed.

Goulburn House Names

House names are an important clue in researching family histories, and provide additional valuable information about the history and occupation of homes.

An Architectural Survey of Goulburn and District

An Architectural Survey of Goulburn and District, published in 1960 by Donald Coleman is a brief survey of the architectural development in Goulburn and the surrounding district from the time of the first squatters in the 1820s. The album includes images of dwellings and the architectural features and photographic reproductions of drawings.

Betts & Son Solicitor's Papers

Betts & Son Solicitors was a major law firm operating in the district for over 100 years.

The Library has a fully indexed collection of original documents dating from the 1840s through to 1956. These papers are a valuable tool, especially for anyone researching land conveyances, grants and mortgages.

Download the index.

Rate Book Indexes 1871-1941

Rates Books are the ledgers used to record rates levied on properties around Goulburn.

The indexes hold invaluable information for researchers. This can include owner's and occupier's names and occupations, type of dwelling, land frontage, section and lot number, and property value. They can be searched using names, section and lot numbers.

Download our rates book info guide for help using the indexes.

The colour coded town ward map helps identify which historic ward your house or property falls into. Download the complete town ward map with key.

State Heritage Inventory

The State Heritage Inventory is an online database containing more than 30,000 heritage items and places on statutory lists in NSW.

Explore, search, and view heritage items and places on a digital interactive map.

Historical Conservation in Goulburn

Journalist Louise Thrower's Masters thesis, Historical Conservation in Goulburn: the case for a local environmental perception,explores the history of residential architecture in Goulburn through its Georgian, Victorian, and Federation phases, including case studies of many of our beloved historical buildings.

Download the contents page.
Download volume one.
Download volume two.

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