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Transformation : turning tragedy into triumph

Sharp, Timothy James2016
Books about people who have survived an horrific event are not uncommon, but they are usually focused on one person and on how he/she survived as opposed to how he/she carried on with their lives together after the event. It is uncommon to find a collection of survivor stories written by people who have not only survived trauma but who have regrouped and gone on to bigger and better things. Transformation is a collection of stories about individuals who have survived horrific events and somehow found a way to turn their lives around, overcoming tragedy to thrive and rebuild a new, worthwhile life. The use of multiple stories allows the book to connect with readers across a wider platform than might be true if the book focused on one person's life. Each contributor tells his/her story in a chapter, and then Tim comments at the end of that chapter, analysing the life story from a psychological perspective and giving readers 'take home tips' which they can use in their own lives. The contributors tell about overcoming tragedies and health issues such as alcoholism, depression and cancer; limb amputation following a car accident; a policeman's recovery from post-traumatic stress; the death of a child; losing all the other members of your family in a family murder; and child sexual abuse.
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Finch Pub, 2016.Warriewood, NSW Finch Publishing, 2016.©2016.
220 pages ; 21 cm.
Author appears as the editor on front cover.
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