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BakeClass : learn to bake brilliantly, step by step

Manning, Anneka, 1970-2016
An essential baking book that progressively builds the home cook's skills and confidence through technique-based lessons and delicious recipes.Anneka Manning gives readers a personalised baking class at home in this beautiful, must-have reference, which features over 90 sweet and savoury recipes - many accompanied by variations. BakeClass is an accessible, practical guide for any home cook who wishes to develop or improve their baking ability, regardless of their current skill level. Unlike other baking books, it follows a unique lesson sequence that builds your know-how and confidence in a progressive and practical way to help you become the baker you want to be. Starting from the simplest technique and working towards the trickiest, Anneka gives a step-by-step masterclass on perfecting each of the ten fundamental mixing methods that provide the basis for all baking recipes: measure & mix; measure & beat; folding; mixing in a food processor; creaming; rubbing in; whisking egg whites; whisking egg whites and sugar; whisking eggs and sugar; and kneading. Each lesson leads into a range of approachable, fail-safe recipes that allow you to practise your new skill and perfect the technique before moving on to the next mixing method. Anneka provides detailed information on everything you need to know before you set out on your ten-step baking journey: essential tools and utensils, ingredients for your baker's fridge and pantry, how to get the best from your oven, measuring and timing, and how to read a recipe. In hints and tips throughout the book she shares all the clever tricks she has learned over decades as a baking authority.
Sydney : Murdoch Books, 2016.Sydney : Murdoch Books, 2016
280 pages : colour illustrations ; 27 cm.
Includes index.
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