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The book of rules : a visual guide to the laws of every commonly played sport and game

Review: "The language of the official sports rule books is, by definition, not easy to read. Here, however, it's all made simple - and entertaining."--BOOK JACKET. "Every important rule of the most commonly played sports and games is explained in simple terms and further clarified by diagrams and color photographs. Many of the photographs show star players in action - so you can learn their skills, and see some of their mistakes, as well."--BOOK JACKET. "All the key points governing equipment, the players, the playing surface, how to start, how to score, and how to win are highlighted under clear headings."--BOOK JACKET. "In addition, for each sport or game there is an explanation of the rules, point by point, provided as backup."--BOOK JACKET.
New York : Facts on File, Inc., 1998.
224 p. : ill. (some col.) ; 30 cm.
Originally published: London : Ebury Press, 1997.Includes index.
Ball games. Soccer. Australian rules football. Football. Rugby League. Rugby Union. Field hockey. Ice hockey. Men's lacrosse. Women's lacrosse -- Bat-and-ball games. Cricket. Baseball. Softball. Rounders -- Racket games. Tennis. Badminton. Squash. Table tennis -- Hand ball games. Basketball. Team handball. Netball. Volleyball. Korfball. Lawn bowling. Petanque -- Other sports and games. Track and field. Golf. Boxing. Karate. Judo. Fencing. Croquet.
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