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The healing self : supercharge your immune system and stay well for life

Chopra, Deepak, 1946-2017
After collaborating on two major books featured as PBS specials, Super Brain and Super Genes, Chopra and Tanzi now tackle the issue of lifelong health and heightened immunity. We are the midst of a new revolution. For over twenty-five years Deepak Chopra, M.D. and Rudolph E. Tanzi, Ph.D. have revolutionized medicine and how we understand our minds and our bodies--Chopra, the leading expert in the field of integrative medicine; Tanzi, the pioneering neuroscientist and discoverer of genes that cause Alzheimer's Disease. After reaching millions of people around the world through their collaborations on the hugely successful super Brain and Super Genes books and public television programs, the New York Times bestselling authors now present a groundbreaking, landmark work on the supreme importance of our immune system in relation to our lifelong health. In the face of environmental toxins, potential epidemics, superbugs, and the accelerated aging process, the significance of achieving optimum health has never been more crucial--and the burden to achieve it now rests on individuals making the right lifestyle choices every day. That means you. You--not doctors, not pharmaceutical companies--are ultimately responsible for your own health. Chopra and Tanzi want to help readers make the best decisions possible when it comes to creating a holistic and transformative health plan for life. In the Healing Self they not only push the boundaries of the intellect to bring readers the newest research and insights on the mind-body, mind-gene, and mind-immunity connections, but they offer a cutting-edge, seven-day action plan, which outlines the key tools everyone needs to develop their own effective and personalized path to self-healing. In addition,The Healing Self closely examines how we can best manage chronic stress and inflammation, which are emerging as the primary detriments of well-being. Moreover, Chopra and Tanzi turn their attention to a host of chronic disorders such as hypertension, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and Alzheimer's Disease, known to take years and sometimes decades to develop before the first symptoms appear. Contemporary medical systems aren't set to attend to prolonged low-grade chronic inflammation or the everyday infections and stresses that take their toll on the body and can lead to disease, aging, and death. Thus, learning the secrets of self-healing is not only urgent but mandatory for optimum health.The Healing Self then is a call to action, a proven, strategic program that will arm readers with the information they need to protect themselves and achieve lifelong wellness. There is a new revolution occurring in health today. That revolution is you.
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London Rider, an imprint of Ebury Publishing, 2017.©2017
290 pages : illustration ; 24 cm.
Overview: Wellness now -- many threats, one great hope -- Part one. The healing journey -- Getting real, getting started -- Who stays well and who doesn't? -- Nothing is better than love -- Lifeline to the heart -- Getting out of overdrive -- The biggest single thing to heal -- Mindful or mindless? -- The hidden power of beliefs -- The wise healer -- The end of suffering -- Part two. Healing is now: a 7-day action plan -- Anti-inflammation diet -- Stress reduction -- Anti-aging -- Stand, walk, rest, sleep -- Core beliefs -- Non-struggle -- Evolution -- Alzheimer's today and tomorrow -- Some optimistic thoughts about cancer.
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