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Islam : an illustrated history

Jordan, Michael, 1941-2002
Subject: To many people in the modern world Islam may appear to be exotic or even extreme. One reason for this is that other religions no longer dominate everyday life in the West, whereas Muslims always, have Islam uppermost in their minds. In Islam: An Illustrated History Michael Jordon looks back at the origins and development of Islam from the birth of the prophet Muhammad through the turbulent years following his death to the subsequent rise of Islamic branches. He explains the growth of Islam and the consequent flowering of Islamic culture, which brought about great advances in sciences and the arts. He examines the origins and teachings of the Qur'an, unravels the ritual of Islamic devotion and the role of the holy men and reveals Islam's richly decorated mosques and holy places. He also looks ahead at the future of Islam and how traditional Muslim values based on religious law can co-exist with the West in the modern world. [inside front cover]
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London : Carlton Books, 2002.
188 p. : ill. ; 29 cm.
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