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Land grants, 1788-1809 : New South Wales, Norfolk Island, Van Diemen's Land [facsimile ed.]

Subject: This facsimile of a List of Land Grants 1788-1809 was reproduced from the original volume held in the State Archives of New South Wales, Ref 7/2731. It appears to have been a list drawn up for the Colonial Secretary's Department from records held by the Surveyor General which in turn relate to the original Register Books now held by the Registrar General's Department, Land Titles Section, Sydney (Introduction).; "To every male shall be granted 30 acres of land, and in case he shall be married, 20 acres more; and for every child who may be with them at the settlement at the time of making the said agent, a further quantity of 10 acres. free of all taxes, quit rents, or other acknowledgements whatsoever, for the space of ten years: Provided that the person to whom the said land shall have been granted shall reside within the same and proceed to the cultivation and improvement thereof". George III's instruction to Govenor Phillip, April 1787 (back cover).
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Sydney : Genealogical Publications of Australia, 1974.
258p. : map ; 34cm.
Land. Fee simple grants. New South Wales, 1788-1809. Lists. Facsimiles (ANB/PRECIS SIN 600242706)Land. Fee simple grants. Van Diemen's Land, 1788-1809. Lists. Facsimiles (ANB/PRECIS SIN 600242722)Index.Land. Fee simple grants. Norfolk Island, 1788-1809. Lists. Facsimiles (ANB/PRECIS SIN 600242714)Limited edition of 300 copies.
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