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The Oxford book of modern science writing

Main title:
The Oxford book of modern science writing / [edited by] Richard Dawkins.
Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2008.
xviii, 419 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
The Mysterious Universe / James JeansJust Six Numbers / Martin ReesCreation Revisited / Peter AtkinsThe Ant And The Peacock / Helena CroninThe Genetical Theory Of Natural Selection / R. A. FisherMankind Evolving / Theodosius DobzhanskyAdaptation And Natural Selection / G. C. WilliamsLife Itself / Francis CrickGenome / Matt Ridley'Theoretical Biology In The Third Millennium' / Sydney BrennerThe Language Of The Genes / Steve Jones'On Being The Right Size' / J. B. S. HaldaneThe Explanation Of Organic Diversity / Mark Ridley'The Importance Of The Nervous System In The Evolution Of Animal Flight' / John Maynard SmithMan In The Universe / Fred HoyleOn Growth And Form / D'Arcy ThornpsonThe Meaning Of Evolution / G. G. SimpsonTrilobite! / Richard ForteyThe Mind Machine / Colin BlakemoreMirrors In Mind / Richard Gregory'One Self: A Meditation On The Unlty Of Consciousness' / Nicholas HumphreyFrom The Language Instinct And How The Mind Works / Steven PinkerThe Rise And Fall Of The Third Chimpanzee / Jared DiamondThe Life Of The Robin / David LackCurious Naturalists / Niko TinbergenSocial Evo Lution / Robert TriversThe Open Sea / Alister HardyThe Sea Around Us / Rachel CarsonHow Flowers Changed The World' / Loren EiseleyThe Diversity Of Life / Edward O. WilsonThe Expanding Universe / Arthur EddingtonForeword To G. H. Hardy's A Mathematician's Apology / C. P. SnowDisturbing The Universe / Freeman Dyson'War And The Nations' / J. Robert Oppenheimer'A Passion For Crystals' / Max F. Perutz'Said Ryle To Hoyle' / Barbara Gamow and George Gamow'Cancer's A Funny Thing' / J. B. S. HaldaneThe Identity Of Man / Jacob Bronowski'Science And Literature, 'Darwin's Illness, 'the Phenomenon Of Man, The Postscript To 'Lucky Jim, and 'D'arcy Thompson and Growth and Form' / Peter MedawarSelf7made Man / Jonathan KingdonOrigins Reconsidered / Richard Leakey and Roger LewinLucy / Donald C.johanson and Maitland A. Edey'Worm For A Century, And All Seasons' / Stephen Jay GouldLife Cycles / John Tyler BonnerUncle Tungsten / Oliver Sacks'Seven Wonders' / Lewis ThomasAvoid Boring People / James WatsonWhat Mad Pursuit / Francis CrickThe Unnatural Nature Of Science / Lewis WolpertEssays Of A Biologist / Julian Huxley'Religion And Scjence' / Albert EinsteinThe Demon-haunted World / Carl SaganThe Character Of Physical Law / Richard FeynmanErwin Schrodinger From What Is Life? / Erwin SchrodingerDarwin's Dangerous Idea And Consciousness Explajned / Daniel DennettThe Growth Of Biological Thought / Ernst Mayr'The Tragedy Of The Commons' / Garrett HardinGeometry For The Selfish Herd And Narrow Roads Of Geneland / W. D. HamiltonHow Nature Works / Per BakThe Fantastic Combinations Of John Conway's New Solitaire Game 'life' / Martin GardnerMathematics For The Million / Lancelot HogbenThe Miraculous Jar / Ian StewartThe Mathematical Theory Of Communication / Claude E. Shannon and Warren WeaverComputing Machinery And Intelligence / Alan Turing'What Is The Theory Of Relatlvity?' / Albert EinsteinMr Tompkins / George GamowThe Goldilocks Enigma / Paul DaviesThe Time And Space Of Uncle Albert / Russell StannardThe Elegant Universe / Brian GreeneA Brief History Of Time / Stephen HawkingTruth And Beauty / S. ChandrasekharA Mathematician's Apology / G. H.HardyDreams Of A Final Theory / Steven WeinbergThe Life Of The Cosmos / Lee SmolinThe Emperor's New Mind / Roger PenroseGodel, Escher, Bach: The Eternal Golden Braid / Douglas HofstadterGeons, Black Holes, And Quantum Foam / John Archibald Wheeler and Kenneth FordThe Fabric Of Reality / David DeutschThe Periodic Table / Primo LeviLife: An Unauthorized Biography / Richard ForteyThe Meaning Of Evolution / George Gaylord SimpsonLittle Men And Flying Saucers / Loren EiseleyPale Blue Dot / Carl Sagan 401.
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