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Goulburn R.S.L. Sub. Branch : first fifty years

Subject: The Returned Services League was established in the various States of Australia following the return of the first shipload of wounded from the Gallipoli campaign. Down its 50 years of history the Goulburn R.S.L. Sub-Branch has never been a thing apart, but an integrated portion of the growing, working, pleasant city of Goulburn. The returned men were a cross-section of the population; men from the land, from offices, manual workers and professional men. They had all been poured into the common mould of soldier, sailor, or airmen. With peace they became individuals. From excitement and adventure they had to adjust, after the first joy of homecoming, to the ordinariness of everyday living. It is important that the record of the [R.S.L.] Sub-branches and the way they have tackled problems through the years should be recorded. For this reason, this history of the Goulburn Sub-Branch is important as a part of the total story of the Returned Services League. The problems of the early formation of the Sub-Branch, its efforts to cope with the tragedy of the depression, its support for the great national effort involved in the second world war and its development in the immediate post-war years make most interesting reading. It constitutes a fine record of achievement and recognises in perpetuity the efforts of those men who laboured voluntarily over long hours and over many years to ensure that the spirit of the organisation would be expressed in a practical way through good deeds.
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