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The scoop on poop : safely capturing and recycling the nutrients in greywater, humanure, and urine

Chiras, Daniel D.2016
A comprehensive, user-friendly guide to environmentally responsible methods for reclaiming and recycling greywater and nutrient-rich human waste. The Scoop on Poop presents a wide range of ways to answer the call of nature, and in so doing maximize the benefits of "waste water." Whether you're interested in composting toilets, grey- or blackwater planters, constructed wetlands, or other innovative solutions, author Dan Chiras will walk you through system pros and cons; design, construction, and maintenance advice; and costs, permitting issues, and the safe treatment of composted waste. All system plans are relatively simple and straightforward - enough so that the average homeowner can build and install them. Intended for readers who live in cities, towns, and rural environments, this is a practical guide to safe, ingenious ways to capture the nutrients from waste and recycle them back into your soil to grow fruit trees, vegetable, and flowers - all without running afoul of the "ick" factor.--COVER.
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Gabriola Island, BC New Society Publishers, [2016]
xi, 243 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm.
Includes index.Issued also in electronic format.
Preface : Warning! This book is not for the squeamish! -- Mother Nature gets an A - We get an F -- Buying a composting toilet -- Sawdust toilets : Simple, effective, and intelligent -- How to build your own remote composting toilet -- Composting humanure - safely and odorlessly -- Capturing and capitalizing on greywater -- Residential-scale constructed wetlands -- Greywater planters -- Achieving total self-sufficiency.
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