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South Goulburn endangered/threatened species management plan : November 2004

Goulburn Mulwaree (N.S.W.) Council
Subject: The purpose of this report is to identify locations of threatened or endangered vegetation in the South Goulburn area; determine the relative significance of vegetation stands ; examine existing land use patterns and committed development as they relate to remnant vegetation; develop an approach to balance the competing objectives of vegetation preservation and development expectations; and seek endorsement from NPWS and landowners as a framework for assessing future development proposals and ongoing land management for vegetation preservation.
Goulburn Goulburn Mulwaree Council, 2004.
17 pages : colour photographs, maps, plans, tables ; 30 cm.
Adopted by Council on 16 November 2004 Minute No. 04/521. Effective from 16 November 2004.The South Goulburn was recognised in 1990 for expansion of the City's industrial zones to cater for expected population growth and increased economic development ... The areas developed have been largely cleared sites, however sites with remnant pockets of open woodland are now facing development pressures. Some of the remnant vegetation is now classified as threatened or endangered by National Parks & Wildlife Service (NPWS) (From the Introduction, p.1).
Introduction -- Purpose of report -- Threatened endangered species survey -- Land ownership patterns -- Development approval/commitments -- Strategic approach -- Action plan -- Appendix 1: Report of natural vegetation area: South Goulburn.
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