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Lost and found : memory, identity and who we became when we're no longer ourselves

Montague, Jules2018
"Lost and found" began when Jules's close friend, Anna, asked her a question. Anna's mother had developed a brain tumour, diagnosed as late-stage. It had started with headaches but got worse. Eventually she was seeing double and hearing voices. Her mother, Anna explained, had started telling Anna she loved her, repeatedly. She had never done this before; never been demonstratively affectionate.The question Anna asked Jules was: was it really her mother talking? Was it part of her personality? Or was it an effect of the tumour on her brain? How do we disentangle these interpretations? Are they mutually incompatible? Might a neuropathological change make someone more, rather than less, themselves? In this book, through a series of stories, case studies and descriptions of neuroscience at the cutting edge, Jules will examine personal identity; what it is, how we lose it, to age, amnesia, dementia, Alzheimers; to what degree we remain the same people throughout our lives, how and why we change. An unforgettable book about what makes us who we are, LOST AND FOUND could not be more timely, more important, more exciting or more essential.
London : Sceptre, 2018.
298 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
9781473646957 (paperback)
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