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Leaves of grass

Whitman, Walt, 1819-1892
Subject: First published in 1855, and edited, revised and expanded over thirty years, "Leaves of grass" has become one of the most celebrated poetry collections in the history of American literature. A master of free verse, Walt Whitman captures the true spirit of his homeland and its people through his poetry. He explores a wide range of themes, encompassing American identity and cultural values, democracy, nature and the mysteries of the human spirit. Featuring the poems of the original 1855 edition, "Leaves of grass" remains an influential work within the American literary tradition, studied and treasured around the world.
Main title:
Leaves of grass / Walt Whitman.
London Collins Classics, 2015
ix, 162 pages ; 18 cm.
Includes chapters: "History of Collins", the "Life & Times" of Walt Whitman, and "Classic literature: words and phrases" taken from the Collins English Dictionary.Includes glossary.
Song of myself -- A song for occupations -- To think of time -- The sleepers -- I sing the body electric -- Faces -- Song of the answerer -- Europe: the 72d and 73d years of these states -- a Boston ballad [1854] -- there was a child went forth -- Who learns my lesson complete? -- Great are the myths.
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