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12 major world religions : the beliefs, rituals, and traditions of humanity's most influential faiths

Boyett, Jason2016
No matter your religious background, religious literacy is absolutely vital in our society. 12 Major World Religions does a wonderful job introducing us to faiths we thought we understood, and revealing ones we know little about. HEMANT MEHTA, editor of For billions of people, having a religious belief system provides purpose in life. For some, religion serves as a guide for moral behavior. Studies have shown even children maintain a natural intuitiveness about the origins of the world. Today s world is one in which our understanding of world religions is both understatedly important, as well as increasingly complex. After many years of exploring the foundations of various world religions, Jason Boyett has written this comprehensive yet easy-to-understand exploration of the twelve major world religions through a meticulous, yet unbiased lens. 12 Major World Religions offers an impartial look at where each of these belief systems intersects, how they differ, and why some have been or are currently misunderstood. Whether religion is a part of your life or not, 12 Major World Religions will expand your understanding of the prominent belief systems in today s world beyond the scope of The Big 7, with detailed explorations of Baha i, Jainism, Shinto, and more.
Berkeley, California Zephyros Press, [2016]
300 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
Includes bibliographical references (pages 286-291) and index.
Part one, Ancient foundations. Ancient Egypt ; Ancient Greece/Rome ; Ancient Nordic regionPart two, the twelve. Christianity ; Islam ; Hinduism ; Buddhism ; Sikhism ; Taoism ; Judaism ; Confucianism ; Bahá'í ; Shinto ; Jainism ; Zoroastrianism.
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