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Inclusive Library

Goulburn Mulwaree Library seeks to be a welcoming and inclusive environment for everyone.

The Library has a number of items available to assist with sensory overload, tools for overcoming fear of new places and new people, and a wide range of reading materials reflecting the diversity in our community. Please ask Library staff if you wish to make use of the following during your visit to the Library:

  • Sensory tent - helps reduce sensory input and provides safe and non-stimulating space for children to calm down, feel safe, and re-focus.
  • Weighted sensory lap pillow - offers deep touch pressure as it rests on the lap when seated. Often used to provide calming sensory input and help children remain seated.
  • Social stories - take home printouts of words, images, and scenarios to prompt discussion and role-play at home. Helps children to prepare for and acclimatise to new people, places, and situations.
  • Reading materials - a range of age appropriate reading materials to help children understand difference, prepare for new situations, and overcome fear.

We are always looking for ways to ensure our Library is welcoming, inclusive, and enjoyable for all who visit.

Please contact the Library if you have specific needs or would like to suggest improvements to our inclusivity. We'd love to hear from you!

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